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I'm a momma to twin boys and gave birth to an angel baby girl late August 2006. The angel would have been the birth control mishap baby for me and NS, my Navy Sweetie, who is the greatest man I think I've ever met. You'd never know my boys aren't also his boys, and I love him for that. We got married April 2007 and had another baby boy March 2008!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

101 Things About Celebrate Woo-Woo

Idea borrowed from a few other blogs I've visited...Melissa's being one:-)

It seemed like a really easy way to get to know someone better, so here it goes...101 things about me, Celebrate Woo-Woo:

1. I am known by a nickname
2. The nickname starts with a "g"
3. My mom doesn't even like my real name
4. She has a nickname for me that starts with "n"
5. I was born in Hampton, VA
6. I moved to Memphis, TN, when I was 6
7. I moved back to Hampton, VA, when I was 10
8. Back to Memphis about 6 months later
9. Back to VA, neighboring town of Newport News, at 14
10. I moved to Florida to go to college
11. I still don’t have my college degree
12. I didn’t find any degrees that interested me enough to spend my time/money on
13. I have two best friends
14. Both are friends I've known since my first year of high school, although weren't necessarily "best" friends at that time
15. I lost my virginity at 16
16. I was on a mission at that time because I had planned to have sex with the boyfriend I had when I turned 16, but he dumped me, and I was too excited about the anticipated experience to give up on having it
17. I didn't have another boyfriend for over a year after my virginity was lost
18. I never had to endure much more than a month without some "woo-woo" during that time, though
19. That next boyfriend would become my husband about two and half years later
20. I met him in a Publix grocery store parking lot while on vacation with my friends
21. We managed to maintain a decent long-distance relationship for over 6 months before finally moving to the same city in Florida
22. He is now the infamous IFKAMH, whom you may read about on the twoboys4me blog
23. I was raped when I was 17
24. It was non-violent
25. I never admitted to myself it was actually rape until I was 20
26. I had felt at least partially responsible until then
27. I had too much to drink, but I know that I said no many times and tried to get him off me
28. After it began, I simply tried my best to enjoy it since I couldn't stop it
29. I was involved with my then-boyfriend, later-husband at the time
30. It is one of the only things I have never told him
31. Probably because the guilt and confusion I had from that night resulted in my giving in to having sex with another guy less than 24 hours later, which only made the guilt worse
32. The pregnancy that resulted in my twin boys was an act of nature
33. I am pretty certain I got pregnant the very night we decided to stop all preventative measures
34. The first pregnancy test I took looked negative
35. I watched the second one that I took a week later as the lines changed color
36. I then realized that the first one was actually just a very faint positive
37. I found out there were two instead of one at what should have been my 10 week appointment/ultrasound
38. I was actually only 8 weeks along at the time, but already measuring further along because of the twins
39. I had suspicions that it might be twins before I knew because of things I'd read about "signs" of a multiple pregnancy
40. I stopped talking to my belly as a singular baby the night that I read those "signs"
41. I actually thought to myself in the shower before that ultrasound, "What if he says it's twins?"
42. I had hoped, initially, for a boy and a girl
43. I was thrilled that it was two boys instead of two girls if I wasn't going to have one of each
44. I gained 70 pounds with my pregnancy
45. I have just in the past month gotten back to the weight I was before I got pregnant
46. I don’t know that I would have lost the weight by now if it hadn’t been for the stress IFKAMH caused in my life that jump-started the weight loss
47. I may want more children in the future although I had only ever planned on having two
48. I am not afraid of the possibility of twins again
49. I never changed a diaper before my boys were born
50. I never gave a bottle to a baby before my boys were born
51. I really want to be a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom
52. Because of that, I do very little "work" when I'm at work
53. I have been at the same company for over 6 years
54. I have been promoted three times since I was hired
55. I get paid well for the job I do
56. The benefits are a big reason I don't diligently pursue other options
57. I find it difficult to explain my job to people that don't work in my company
58. I don't like talking about work when I'm not at work
59. I drive over an hour each way to work
60. I drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee
61. If I could buy any vehicle, it would be a Lexus RX330
62. I used to really want to drive a blue Honda CRV, the original model
63. I have never smoked a cigarette nor tried any illegal substance
64. Although I started drinking alcohol at 16, not legal at the time for me to drink but the substance itself was legal
65. I can count on one hand the times I have been actually drunk, not tipsy or buzzed but drunk, since then
66. My favorite alcoholic beverage is a margarita, on the rocks
67. I only drink water and sweet tea, with a very rare bout of fruit juice, as non-alcoholic beverages
68. Since I stopped drinking carbonated beverages several years ago, they make me sick now
69. I was a lacto-ovo (dairy and eggs allowed) vegetarian for over three years
70. I went back to being a carnivore after too much temptation with the Teriyaki Chicken at Bennigan's
71. I was a waitress at Bennigan's for six months
72. I think waiting tables is too much work for the pay
73. I don’t ever want to work in a job that requires me to serve food again
74. My favorite color is blue
75. My favorite flower is a gerbera daisy
76. I have a tattoo with two daisies on a tribal-style stem on my left breast
77. I got it last year to represent my boys being close to my heart
78. One of those daisies is bigger than the other, just like J is bigger than M, but it wasn’t planned that way
79. I have three other tattoos
80. I still plan to get at least one more
81. I want the next one to be a tribal-style butterfly on my ankle
82. I used to have my navel pierced
83. My mom let me get it as a bribe to get me to go on vacation with her and her boyfriend, whom my friends and I called “psycho-man”
84. I took it out while I was pregnant
85. My tummy is way too stretched to even consider putting it back now
86. I am a terrible house-keeper
87. I can clean really well and make the house look spectacular, but I usually feel my time is better spent doing other things that make life enjoyable, so I generally don’t clean as much or as often as I probably should
88. I never cooked anything not using a microwave until I was 18
89. The first thing I ever cooked was for IFKAMH when I went to visit him where he lived before I moved to Florida
90. I have never been able to bake a decent-looking cake
91. So, I now stick with cupcakes since they taste like cake but are much harder to mess up the presentation with
92. My favorite food is pasta, mostly creamy sauce types
93. I only like to have cheese on my pizza
94. I’m also a big fan of chocolate
95. I hate tomatoes (not tomato sauce, just the actual texture of tomatoes) and onions (unless they’re used strictly for flavoring and are in big enough chunks that I can eat around them) and mushrooms…and probably some other stuff too, I’m a bit of a picky eater
96. From the time I was about 3 until I was 16, I knew that I wanted to be a lawyer
97. I then changed my mind and wanted to become a marine biologist
98. I wanted to work with orcas, or killer whales
99. I went on a orca whale-watching boat tour in Vancouver, B.C., Canada in August 1997
100. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life that doesn’t involve humans
101. This was a little more difficult than I thought it would be, but I’m glad I did it